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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018: A Blank Slate

This is my first update in this space in a while. The fact is I don't have anything newsworthy to report. My last three blogs covered my trip to Costa Rica, where I was an instructor at the first Writers' Retreat of San Buenas; the 20th Anniversary of Thrillville, my "brand name," such as it is; detailing its evolution from a live show to promote one of my novels to a virtual headquarters for my own pulp fiction press; and the publication of the new Vic Valentine novel, Vic Valentine: International Man of Misery.

And that's all I had for 2017. Of course, if you follow this blog regularly, and ever bother to check back, you notice that after posting a blog, I continue to tack on pictures of various places I've visited (mostly bars in Seattle) with Monica, Tiki Goddess, who is currently working on her dissertation, having been officially declared a PhC at the University of Washington School of Drama. 

Since it's a new year, I thought I'd start fresh with a new blog, even though there is nothing particularly momentous worth documenting. No plans, no prospects. I often feel like I'm living through an extended epilogue of a story whose main plot has already unfolded.

I recently put these thoughts into the form of a poem, mentally composed while walking a dog, my full-time occupation these days.

Poem Composed While Walking a Dog

Lately, when I think of my life,

The sorrow and the strife, 

It's always in the past tense,

Which doesn't make sense,

Since death, which I fear,

Doesn't feel near;

Instead, it's like awaking from a dream,

Having shed all schemes,

Content to drift through time,

Seduced by the sublime.

This may sound depressing, but I'm not really depressed. Pensive, reflective, peacefully resigned, but not morose. I've dealt with that already, in the best way I know how. I'm happily married to the love of my life, and I finally live in my favorite city. Though it's not artistically fulfilling, I sincerely enjoy my dog-walking gig. The canine company and ambient therapy are soothing to my soul, and I get a lot of exercise, which is good for a cat my age, especially one with a sedentary lifestyle and occupation otherwise. 

I turn 55 this April 2. I plan to spend my birthday in my favorite place on Earth, the real Twin Peaks a half hour or so from our house. My favorite filmmaker David Lynch's recent revival of what was already one of my all-time favorite TV shows has become both my all-time favorite movie and all-time favorite series.  Naturally I relate and respond most to its dreamy ambience, inter-dimensional surrealism, supernatural soundscape, haunting imagery, quirky characters, and darkly magical mood, augmented by an electrically eclectic soundtrack, but this time around, its stark portrayal of how the passage of time changes, damages, and emancipates us in different, unexpected ways deeply resonates within my very core.

With Kyle MacLachlan, 2016
With Sherilyn Fenn, 2015

With Sheryl Lee, 2015

My autographed copy of David Lynch's book


Twede's Cafe: damn fine coffee!

Snoqualmie River
 The "Mill" and the "Sheriff's Station"

Snoqualmie Falls/Salish Lodge:
"The Dale Cooper"

Fire, dog walk with me.
Dougie and me! Scarecrow Video

At this point in my life, when it seems my ship has sailed without me for the final time, leaving me serenely stranded on my own little island with my Tiki Goddess and cats, I feel like I'm staring into an endlessly empty horizon - beautiful, but barren. I feel I've exhausted all avenues to commercial success, taken advantage of every break that came my way, the dice rolled snake eyes, and so here I am, after decades of desperate dream-chasing: a middle-aged dog walker in Seattle, with absolutely no ambition or nostalgia bogging me down. The lack of pressure feels liberating, but sometimes the absence of anticipation makes me listless.

So this particular blog entry - which may very well be my only one this year - will skip any focus on recent major developments, since there haven't been any, and at the moment, there are none just beyond the bend. Instead it will simply serve as a space to post about my dates with my wife, with whom I just celebrated twenty years as a couple (and best friends). We actually first met when I picked her out of the audience to spin the big wheel at the original Parkway Theater on May 31, 1997, before my screening of Jailhouse Rock (we were married exactly four years later, at the Cal-Neva in North Lake Tahoe). But we officially met when she showed up at my Elvis B-Day party at the Ivy Room in Albany, CA, on January 8, 1998. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

So if nothing else substantial ever happens to me, I will consider my personal life a smashing success beyond my wildest dreams. And really, Love is all that matters. I continue to write with no expectations whatsoever. It's not a career. It's my response to Life itself.  And that's something I am compelled to do, in order to survive with my sanity intact. I'm not currently working on any new projects, but that could change suddenly. Or not. Either way, I'm very proud of the body of work that already exists out in the world. I have nothing to add right now. It speaks for itself, and for me.

As usual, I'll add stuff to this blog as it happens. Whatever it happens to be.

Cheers and Peace.

Celebrating 20 years as a couple, Alchemy, West Seattle, 1/8/18

Nightcap at Talarico's, West Seattle

Valentine's cocktails at Gainsbourgh, Seattle

Cruelty-free pizza! Pizza Pi, Seattle

Daniel's Broiler, Seattle
Hosting Noir at the Bar Seattle, 1/11/18

BACHELOR PAD MAGAZINE #43 featuring my movie column about Mamie Van Doren

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