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Friday, October 25, 2013

Pimping the New Edition of "Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me"

I've been very busy the past couple of months promoting Gutter Books' reissue of my novel Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me, initially published in 1995 by Wild Card Press, but out of print for many years. There is renewed interest in the new edition due to Christian Slater's film option, which is still in development as of this post. The back story of the book has been told before, so I won't rehash all that here. Instead, I am proudly presenting a pictorial retrospective of my exhaustive, and exhausting publicity tour, all based here in the Bay Area. I scored some great press and photo ops for my efforts, and that's about the best I could've hoped for. I also sold a good number of books along the way, which really is the whole idea. Hopefully this collective multi-media blitz, which began with the official launch party back in July, will result in more online sales as well. I also hope it will ultimately help with the film's financing. It's great the book is back in print and available to prospective investors and actors while Christian is filming his new TV series Mind Games, an ABC midseason replacement co-starring Steve Zahn, in Chicago.

For now, I have no further literary events scheduled. Instead, I'm focused on making a living with my freelance gigs, and writing short stories, a form in which I haven't really invested much energy, preferring the expansive creative freedom of novels, but I think I'm hitting my stride with the sprint as well as the long distance marathon. I've already had one story accepted, in the forthcoming Charles Bukowski tribute anthology Long Distance Drunks, from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. The story, called "Behind the Bar," an imaginary conversation between Bukowsi and my old friend, Mickey Rourke, who of course starred in Barfly (1987). The anthology is due out in the spring. I'll naturally keep you posted on this as well as my other recent submissions to other anthologies, including "People Bug Me," which blends elements from my two favorite films, Sweet Smell of Success and I Was a Teenage Werewolf, both released in 1957, so they already exist simultaneously in the same cinematic alternate universe.  I'm also still writing my regular movie column for Bachelor Pad Magazine. The latest issue, #25, featuring my article on horror/sci-fi noir, is now on sale.

I've also done a few radio interviews, like one now archived online at the popular podcast Books and Booze, as well as my guest stint on grunge goddess Nikki Palomino's Dazed internet talk show.

Anyway, here is a visual litany of my recent pulpy promotions in the press, bookstore/tiki lounge/movie theater appearances, etc.:

VIC VALENTINE'S COCKTAIL PARTY, Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, Alameda, 9/16/13
Book signing and celebration of Susan Eggett's original "Vic Valentine" being added to FI's new cocktail menu as a regular house drink, currently their bestseller! Also screened the Frank Sinatra PI flicks "Tony Rome" and "Lady in Cement."

With FI owner and my friend, Michael Thanos

Celebrating with a "Vic" after my Books Inc. Alameda reading, 10/11/13...
...and again after my Green Apple Books reading in San Francisco, 10/24/13 
With Monica and "Vic" at Forbidden Island's annual Parking Lot Sale, 9/29/30

"TRUE ROMANCE IS TOO VIOLENT FOR ME," The New Parkway, Oakland, 9/26/13
Book signing and screening of my favorite Christian Slater movie, and one of my favorite flicks, period.
Co-hosted by my beautiful Thrillville/life partner, Monica Tiki Goddess.

I'm also still programming Thrillville at The New Parkway every Sunday, with designated guest hosts,
like Lord Blood-Rah (center).... 
...and Misery Ann Mayhem!
From the East Bay Express

Photo by Mike Lano
Photo by Mike Lano

LIP SERVICE WEST AT LITQUAKE, San Francisco, 10/19/13
Reading the story of The Night I Nearly Killed Tom Waits from my unpublished epistolary memoir, "Graffiti in the Rubber Room: Writing For My Sanity," as part of my friend/Gutter editor/acclaimed author Joe Clifford's posse at San Francisco's legendary literary crawl.

With fellow pulpsters Joe Clifford and Tom Pitts
At Luna Rienne Gallery, site of the outdoor street reading.
"Friends, Romans, and Thrill Seekers..."

READING AT GREEN APPLE BOOKS, San Francisco, 10/24/13
Major article by Tony DuShane in the San Francisco Chronicle, 10/24/13
(Online version)
Page 2 of the San Francisco Examiner, 10/24/13

Illustration by Rick Lucey
Nightcap at the Dirty Trix Saloon next door.

Whew! Cheers.