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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Viva Vic Valentine!

Monica and I recently took a trip South of the Border, down Mexico way, to celebrate the wedding of her brother, Quetzal Cortes in Cabo San Lucas. We stayed in an all-inclusive resort called Riu Santa Fe, and overall had a festive time. This was our second trip to Mexico, following a 2004 swing through Acapulco, Mexico City, and Guadalajara (Monica's fraternal relatives are from Tlaquepaque.) I love Mexican culture - the music, the cocktails, the food, the scenery, the women, lucha libre, and especially the old monster movies - but I'm not a big fan of the generally hot, humid climate. Despite the incessant perspiration, we managed to enjoy ourselves (especially with all that "free" booze literally on tap). The wedding was simple but beautiful, the company was pleasant, and I had fun running around the resort in my Santo mask, alarming tourists, many of whom asked me to pose with them for pictures. 

New Forbidden  Island cocktail menu,
designed by Doug Horne
with new drink descriptions by yours truly
Mock paperback cover for my novel
A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge
by Marvel/pulp artist Mike Fyles

Now it's on to the business of promoting the re-release of Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me. I have several signings and interviews lined up for September and October, which are listed on my schedule page. These include "Vic Valentine's Cocktail Party" at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge (9/16), celebrating the inclusion of the original "Vic Valentine" cocktail on their revamped menu (for which I provided new drink descriptions); "True Romance Is Too Violent For Me," a combo True Romance film screening/Love Stories booking signing at The New Parkway (9/26); and readings at Books Inc. in Alameda (10/11) and Green Apple Books (10/24) in San Francisco. Plus I have interviews lined up on the famous Nikki Palomino's Dazed program (9/30) as well as the popular literary podcast Books and Booze (10/3). Hopefully more TBA.

As for the movie version, it's currently on the back burner while director/star Christian Slater shoots his new TV series Mind Games in Chicago, an unexpected delay, but hopefully he will be able to slot in our project during the show's hiatus in 2014, as in 2/14, Valentine's Day...meantime, I'll just keep pluggin' my pulp.

Below is a photo-journal of our brief but busy trip. Salud!
Viva Mexico! 
Marilyn de los Muertos
Mural by a roadside market in Los Cabos
With the groom, Quetzal Cortes
Downtown Los Cabos
Downtown Marina
Poolside at Riu Sante Fe
Michelada Time! 
Tiki Goddess of Mexico 
Fun in the sun?
Drinking a "Miami Vice" in a tiki bar in downtown Los Cabos
Femme fatale drinking a Mexican Mai Tai

Viva El Santo!

With the bride, Lizzy Valencia, and the groom, my brother-in-law Quetzal Cortes