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Friday, March 22, 2013

RIP Parkway and All That Shat

The Parkway provided 2 out of 3 life essentials
Four years ago today - William Shatner's birthday - The Parkway Speakeasy Theater went dark on four days' notice. The Cerrito Speakeasy Theater followed a couple of months later, and my 12 year career as a film programmer suddenly ended. Since then it's been quite a struggle to survive. I finally managed to make a decent living as a freelance writer last year, but ironically, my major paid blogging gig also ended abruptly a couple of days ago, at least for now. So I'm kinda back to where I was four years ago today. 

Except I'm not, really - I now work part time as a special events consultant/programmer for The New Parkway (offering free popcorn and half price beer tonight to mark the anniversary), I still have my Forbidden Island music booking/publicist gig which I started right before the old Parkway closed. There is all of my published pulp fiction., most of which wasn't in print this time four years ago. Most promising of all, I am officially contracted as co-screenwriter for Christian Slater's film of my book, Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me, which is finally in the development stage, script and storyboards currently in circulation. That's my ace in the hole and has been since he first optioned the novel 12 years ago. Meantime, I'm still struggling financially, but hope lives. Once that light turns green, I will turn a crucial corner and never look back. Onward!
I'm hosting my annual SHATFEST: Tribute to William Shatner this Sunday, March 24 at The New Parkway
(Lobby card created by Bob Ekman)

Another customized lobby card by Bob Ekman, for a rotating "guest host" Thrillville gig
Monica, Tiki Goddess: my most loyal supporter
In Monterey, March 2013