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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Waiting Game

I haven't updated this blog in a while simply because not a whole hell of a lot is going on, other than what I've previously reported. Here are some brief updates:
With CS, Miami, June 2012
CS and me on the African Queen in Key Largo - surreal
MOVIE PROJECT: Christian and I are in the process of revising and polishing the script based on my novel Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me as he continues to raise money and pursue his desired cast. Actually there's much more I could report (including some incredible storyboards and spec poster artwork!), but can't share in public. Yet. This prospect is my number one preoccupation these days. Onward Christian Slater!
The New Parkway - lookin' good!
With guest host Lord Blood-Rah
With guest host Johnny Legend,
With guest hostess Misery Ann Mayhem
I'll be hosting Thrillville's 16th anniversary show myself on April 14, featuring This Island Earth
THE NEW PARKWAY: it's coming along quite well. I am only programming (and designating guest hosts) two nights a week - Parkway Classics on Thursdays and Thrillville Theater on Sundays (my complete schedule here) - but the entire lineup is far more enticing and eclectic than the original Parkway offered. They even offer a free parking lot across the street. Overall, going like gangbusters, better than anyone could've hoped or dreamed. 

FORBIDDEN ISLAND: Though I no longer host monthly movie nights there, I am still booking the kickass retro bands and handling media relations, and the cocktails are still the best on this forbidden planet of ours. Aloha!
Opening night!
Monica as a sexy sperm bank nurse in Expecting Isabel
Monica as an old Jewish lady, one of four roles, in the play
Expecting Isabel
MONICA TIKI GODDESS: just finished a play in Danville called Expecting Isabel, in which she had four roles! It was quite entertaining, she had a lot of fun, and I'm very, very proud of her.

Looks just like Heaven from here...
TURNING 50: Yup, my Big Five-O is coming up in a few weeks - April 2, to be exact - but instead of going to Hawaii as I'd planned years ago, we're going to take a long-awaited train trip through the Pacific Northwest, stopping in both Portland and Seattle, where I will have my 50th birthday dinner in the Space Needle. I've never been to either city, but from what I've heard, I will love both, particularly Seattle. I already hope to move there someday. Why? For the same reason many people don't like it - the cool, rainy weather! California is way too sunny for my moody artistic temperament, and after living nearly a quarter century in the Bay Area, as much I love it, I'm more than ready to move on.
Toasting Monica's 40th birthday this past December 15
The Lori Carsillo jazz trio performed for Monica's private bday shindig at
Hotel Adagio in San Francisco
But this dream move northward - I feel like I've been slowly migrating in that direction since the '80s - depends on a lot of things - the movie deal, Monica's job (since I can blog from anywhere), etc. 

So right now, I'm both busy as hell with all my gigs, but feeling oddly in limbo, as I await my ship to finally come in - preferably before I reach the half century mark, but hey, I've waited this long!

That's all for now. Stay tuned. Cheers.