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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiki Oasis 12: Exotic Espionage & Polynesian Pulp

With Monica Tiki Goddess

Aloha! Here is a pictorial chronicle of our weekend at Tiki Oasis in San Diego, where Monica Tiki Goddess and I made our fourth appearance as part of the entertainment/educational program. Normally that meant hosting a Thrillville midnight movie show, but this time I presented a midday "spy movie symposium" called "Mai Tai Mysteries," where I introduced a film clip show culled from vintage tropical pulp/espionage cinema, including the 007 classics Dr. No and Thunderball, the classic TV series Hawaii Five-O and The Man From UNCLE, obscure cult favorites The Fiend of Dop Island and Deadlier Than the Male, Dean Martin as secret agent Matt Helm in The Ambushers, Frank Sinatra as private eye Tony Rome in The Lady In Cement, the film noir classic Hell's Half Acre, and James Coburn in Our Man Flint. Molokai Mike and Becca Morris of Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge poured free Vespers (the original James Bond cocktail) in miniature martini glasses, which really made it special and cool. After all, washing down B movies with booze helped make my reputation, such as it is.
With cover artist Michael Fleming
and co-author Scott Fulks
With Scott Fulks and Otto Von Stroheim

Prior to that, I was part of the official book signing along with It Came From Hangar 18 co-author Scott Fulks, which for me was the main point and highlight of this trip. We signed and sold copies of this book, and I also brought along some copies of A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge, since that also contains tiki references suitable for the occasion. As usual, convention founders/organizers/masterminds Otto and Baby Doe Von Stroheim did a hell of a job putting this thing together. It was their twelfth Tiki Oasis, and I was honored to not only write a lot of the copy for the web site, including a short story filled with various "secret agent" acronyms, but I coined the name of the theme: "Exotic Espionage and Polynesian Pulp." I was even quoted in this article published in the San Diego Troubadour. It was an honor, since this event is always quite an international scene. As usual the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Diego was overtaken by revelers from around the world who converged for the annual agenda of killer surf/lounge bands, poolside DJs, burlesque troupes, cocktail symposiums, art merchants, fashion shows, and infamous room parties. It was also a major social scene and a chance to eat, drink and be merry with friends old and new. All in all, it was a fun and productive "working vacation." Dig the slideshow. Cheers.

With Scott Fulks
With Jochen Hirschfeld (The DVD of Tiki)
With Bachelor Pad Magazine publisher Jason Croft
Scott and wife Jenn
With fellow authors Sven Kirsten ("The Book of Tiki") and James Teitelbaum ("Tiki Road Trip")

Vespers courtesy of Forbidden Island

Hosting the film symposium

Full house. Cheers!
With MeduSirena
With Baby Doe
With famous artist Shag
At our favorite restaurant in San Diego
the Bali Hai


Monday, August 27, 7:30
THE BLOB (1958)