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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Turning 49: mining for gold

Monica makes every day a reason to celebrate
Starting early: Trader Vic's, Emeryville, 3/30/12
In Old Sacramento, 4/2/2012
At The Firehouse, Sacramento, 4/2/12
At The Shady Lady, Sacramento, 4/2/12

This past April 2 I turned 49, which isn't much of a marker, other than the fact it means I'm a year away from truly momentous milestone of 50. Professionally, I'm way behind schedule, at least according to my own career clock, though personally I feel perfectly fulfilled, thanks to my marriage to Monica, Tiki Goddess - the gift that keeps on giving (and I wasn't really born till the day we met, anyway). Due to the fact I've published so many books over the past couple of years, and written three, I'm also creatively satisfied, though turning my self-made dreams into a real success story remains the challenge. 

Crest Theater, 4/2/12
At the State Capital, 4/2/2012

Image by Michael Fleming
I was unsure how to celebrate this birthday. I'd always hoped to finish my 40s the way I began them - at the Orbit In in Palm Springs, our favorite vacation spot, back when we could afford to take vacations, but alas, being a freelance writer, that goal was a bit outside our budget. Next year at this time I hope to be in Hawaii for the Big Five-O, which means I'll be in Area 51 the following year. So instead, in keeping with the 49 theme, we headed for Sacramento for our own private gold rush. It really just amounted to a whirlwind of hipster bar-hopping, with dinner at The Broiler, an old school Rat Pack -style steakhouse, ending up at The Crest Theater in Sacramento, our first visit to this fabulous movie palace (we saw We Need To Talk About Kevin, which was excellent, but hardly festive). It was a pretty lowkey day, but we had fun, and I was especially touched by the hundreds of warm wishes I received on my Facebook page. In addition to the geyser of greetings, I was treated to some creative posts, including a photoshopped image of me as a vintage spaceman, by artist Michael Fleming, who created the classic cover for It Came from Hangar 18.

My 40th Birthday Roast, Palm Springs, 4/2/2003

The #1 song in the country when I was born, 4/2/1963; now it could be called simply "He's So 49."

Aesthetically, I never outgrew the year I was born (and dig the date on this special issue of Newsweek inspired by my favorite show,  Mad Men)

On Monday, April 23, 7:30, I will be marking another anniversary: fifteen years of Thrillville, from the Parkway to Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, where I've been hosting my movie nite, Forbidden Thrills, for nearly two of those years. Since at a decade and a half Thrillville truly feels endless, I'll be hosting screenings of Roger Corman's cult favorite The Day the World Ended (1956) with the sci-fi classic World Without End (1955), plus the usual prizes, free popcorn, and $1 off all drinks on Will the Thrill's Pulp Cocktails Menu. Cheers.