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Monday, April 9, 2012

Facebook and the Fear of the Female Nipple

Italian pulp mags of the 70s specialized in erotic horror
Facebook found this unacceptable - really?
Retouched "Bride" photo by DB Jones
Recently a picture I posted on my Facebook page was suddenly removed, with a warning. That has never happened to me before, and I've been posting vintage pulp/pinup/poster art on my page for years, since that's a big part of what I'm all about, and it's my forum, and if you don't like it, don't be my friend. Obviously someone with a bug up their ass dropped a dime on me. I found the image innocuous and inoffensive, especially since it was simply promotional artwork for a Hammer sci-fi film that never actually got made, tentatively titled When the Earth Cracked Open. Here it is, on my own blog, where (I hope and trust) I'm free to express myself creatively without fear of censorship. Now you tell me why this vintage artwork would be deemed morally unacceptable to share in a public forum...

Marilyn Monroe's famous Playboy centerfold, 1953
You got it: tits. Mammaries. Bosoms. We all got 'em - born with 'em, in fact. Apparently you can display the male chest in all its glory on Facebook, as I've often witnessed, or bountiful cleavage, suggesting the forbidden, formidable, foreboding presence of these most taboo of innocent body parts. But even sharing an illustration of female nipples sent some anonymous prude into a Janet Jackson halftime type meltdown. Now my Facebook page, which I need to remain active for business networking purposes, mainly peddling my own pulp fiction, is probably being watched more closely, and could be in jeopardy of shutdown. Because of an old movie poster. For a movie that was never even made.
Artwork for the 1978 giallo, La Sorela di Ursula
El Santo le gusto chi-chi's...

Reluctantly, I heeded Facebook's puritanical but authoritative admonition and preemptively deleted other found and scanned images from my Facebook photo albums that may be deemed in violation of this suddenly strict no-nipple policy. Instead, I'm reposting them here, along with some others from my private files I knew would cross the line, so I didn't bother to post them on Facebook. Personally, I love looking at female breasts. I find them arresting. As long as I don't get arrested in the process. Some in our  pro-violence/anti-sex society want to defend the right to bear arms. I'm defending the right to bare breasts. 

Lina Romay in Jess Franco's Female Vampire (1973)
Art by Fritz Willis
So here, just for the hell of it, and because censorship really pisses me off, is a gallery of gorgeous gals in all their glorious gall, a pulpy parade of prurient pinup pulchritude, an exotic, erotic exercise in excellent exploitation. They all have two things in common. Enjoy.

Ed Wood's Orgy of the Dead (1965)

Forbidden jungle love

By the great Frank Frazetta

Nazisploitation was common in 50s/60s Men's Magazines

Anita Ekberg

Diane Webber

Even mainstream master Gil Elvgren let a tasteful - and tasty - nipple pop out now and then

Irish McCalla
Pam Grier
Bettie Page