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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Thrillville Video Jukebox: Greatest Hits

I recently uploaded a backlog of archival Thrillville footage culled from years of media exposure to my "MrThrillville" YouTube channel, to augment and complement my Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection and Freaks That Carry Your Luggage Up to the Room book trailers already posted. It took me so long to do this simply because I didn't know how to convert DVD-Rs to MP4s, but when my pal Mark Bowen of Le Video in San Francisco hepped me to something called Handbrake, which I could download for free, the floodgates were opened. Below is a comprehensive compendium of videos that collectively relate the history of Thrillville, including my public relationship with my beloved wife and "lovely assistant," Monica Tiki Goddess. Without further ado, I'll allow this historical (hysterical?) visual documentation to speak for itself:

"Talkin' Pictures with Jan Wahl," discussing The Midnight Lounge 
and introducing favorite film clips, 1998:
 The first legendary "Creature Features" reunion at The Parkway, October 2000:

 KTVU's Mornings on 2, promoting Elvis D-Day, August 2000:
 KRON news coverage of my protest of the remake of Ocean's 11, 2001:
Our segment of a 2001 French documentary, Viva Las Vegas?:
Our infamous appearance in the "foot fetish" segment of HBO's Real Sex 24 2000:
The greatest Thrillville gig ever: our epic wedding at the Cal-Neva Resort in North Tahoe, 
May 31, 2001:

 Thrillville's Honeymoon Show with The Devil-Ettes, June 2001:
Our first show at Copia in Napa, on our first wedding anniversary, May 31, 2002:

Valentine's Day with Ray Dennis Steckler, 2/14/02, Parkway Theater:

Thrillville's Big Holiday Turkey Roast at the Parkway, December 2007, with
The Twilight Vixen Revue performing Xmas burlesque in a cold theater with a broken heater...
 Discussing Thrillville on SF360 Movie Scene (our segment starts halfway in, at 15 minutes), 
May 2008:
"Thrillville's Papapalooza," with guest star, my father Robert Viharo, Parkway Theater, May 2008:
KPIX program Eye on the Bay, featuring Thrillville's debut at the Cerrito, February 2007:
Thrillville's 10th Anniversary Show, Cerrito Theater, April 2007:

"Welcome to Thrillville" tribute montage by Sci-Fi Bob Ekman, featuring my theme "Thrillville"
by The Moon-Rays:
"Ten-O-Win," short film by Christian Bruno using footage from Thrillville:
Thrillville on Creepy KOFY Movie Time, discussing my road shows, Oakland Mai Tai campaign, and Bachelor Pad Magazine column, September 2009:
Plugging my new novel A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge 
on Creepy KOFY Movie Time, September 2010:

The Best is yet to come. Cheers!