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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"It Came from Hangar 18": the back, and The Future

It's only the very beginning of 2012, which promises to be a very good year, dire predictions by the Mayans notwithstanding, and I'm already looking at it from the rear view: Here is artist Michael Fleming's back cover to my forthcoming sci-fi epic (co-written with Scott Fulks), It Came From Hangar 18, the front cover having been previously revealed, and as you can plainly see, this will be unlike any other book of its genre ever written. I completed the novel and turned it over to Scott this past December 29. Publication is pending, probably later this month, stay tuned for details as I'll be promoting the hell out of it. Scott and I will be doing several book signings together, including Tiki Oasis 12 in San Diego this summer. Watch the skies.
As "El Santo Claus," Forbidden Thrills Feliz Navidad Fiesta, 12/19/11

With my Tiki Goddess, New Year's Eve Vegas Lounge Party at Forbidden Island (photo by Gabriel Hurley)

Meantime, my next Forbidden Thrills movie nite at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda on Monday, January 23, 7:30, features a cheapjack double chill-thrill-bill of sleazy tropical terrors, Horrors of Spider Island (1960) plus King of Kong Island (1968), with the usual leftover prizes and free popcorn. Be there, aloha.

Oh yea - the Parkway is apparently going to reopen, twice, at least in spirit, sometime in the late Summer of Fall. I'm not directly involved with either effort, but still, that's good news for Oaktown. UPDATE: Check out my Examiner interview with the New Parkway Guy, J. Moses Ceaser.

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