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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

IT CAME FROM HANGAR 18: the cover

For months on my Facebook page I've been teasing about my "Top Secret Freelance Writing Project," concurrently concocted with my gonzo-bizarro-pulp novella FREAKS THAT CARRY YOUR LUGGAGE UP TO THE ROOM, which is now available. Now I can tell you this much: I'm almost finished working on IT CAME FROM HANGAR 18, originally conceived by my co-author Scott Fulks, a fellow frequenter of Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, though trust me - this will be perhaps the ultimate Will Viharo pulp novel. It will be available in early 2012. Below is the back cover blurb. More details will be revealed about this epic very soon, long before its release, but for now, here is the fantastic cover by artist Michael Fleming.  For further updates, stay tuned to this blog and the official Facebook fan page. Aloha.

IT CAME FROM HANGAR 18 is the most action-packed, erotic science fiction epic since The Bible - but with even more sex and violence!  IT mixes hardcore sex with hard science, conspiracy theories with conspicuous satire, mythological monsters with mutated mobsters, flesh-eating feminists with voyeuristic vampires, and creates a potent literary Tiki cocktail pulsating with pulp, planets, pulchritude, politics, and a plethora of other “p” words. This is essential end-of-the-world desert-island flashlight-under-the-covers reading, the ultimate B movie in literary form, and the most tantalizing textbook in the annals of anarchic academia.