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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Thrillville to Yountville: Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Our 10th wedding anniversary at The French Laundry
Celebrating at the French Laundry
On Tuesday, May 31, 2011, we celebrated a delicious decade of magical marriage at the world famous French Laundry up in Yountville, just north of Napa (where, ironically, we spent our very first anniversary, hosting my first Thrillville show at Copia, now closed but, like the Parkway, is rumored for a revival). Now, I am not a foodie, but Monica is, and this was Plan B (or Plan A.2) since we couldn't make it to the original destination for this date, Paris. We did go see the new Woody Allen flick Midnight in Paris (read my review here) later that night, but this was definitely the next best thing, and cheaper by a few bucks to boot. Also, this celebrated restaurant is much harder to get into than France, so just the fact we got a reservation was a sign from Above this  was meant to be. Before dinner we strolled around Yountville on a mini bar crawl, stopping at the swank bar at the spa resort Bardessona and then a classy place down the road called Redd. Cocktails were excellent at both spots, which was a good thing, since the French Laundry, amazingly, does not feature a full bar. We did polish off a bottle of their house champagne, along with both the regular and the vegetable tasting menu. Every single bite of every single item was perfectly delicious. It was a very elegant, entertaining, exquisite, and expensive experience, well worth it, especially since it was a dream come true for my beloved bride. We may not have Paris - yet - but we'll always have The French Laundry. And with that tab, it'll have us for a while, too. Cheers.
Monica: so happy to be at The French Laundry


The bar at Bardessona

Monica at Bardessona

At Redd
Cheers (Redd)

Ravishing at Redd

Showing off Monica's anniversary gift, a Sinatra-style pinkie ring
at Bardessona
This scene at the French Laundry says it all.
Monica in the French Laundry kitchen

That day's menu, autographed by famed chef Thomas Keller