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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shatner, Sex, & other reasons to celebrate post-Rapture

My interview with Tura, her last, is featured here, along with my new movie column
My movie column this time is on Russ Meyer
Contrary to certain predictions, the world did not end, not yet anyway, which is good, because on Monday, May 23, 7:30, I'm debuting my annual Tribute to William Shatner, SHATFEST, at its new home, Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, where I host the monthly cult  movie nite called "Forbidden Thrills," on the fabled isle of Alameda, ironically also home of "The Rapture" rumors. Once again I'm spotlighting Shat's greatest role,  as the psycho serial killer in William Grefe's immortal, immoral masterpiece IMPULSE (1974), plus I'm bringing back Shat's epic Esperanto experience, INCUBUS (1966), along with surprise Shat-shorts (the kind you watch, not wear), Will the Thrill's Pulp Cocktails, the return of the ever-loving' Shatner Butt Girls, prizes, free popcorn, no cover. As if this isn't enough reason for the world to keep rollin', the latest issue of Bachelor Pad Magazine is at press, and my regular movie column this time focuses on the films of Russ Meyer. Speaking of Russ, the re-vamped web site for our late, legendary friend TURA SATANA just launched, featuring my tribute on the introductory page, truly one of the great honors of my life, courtesy of Tura's manager, swingin' Siouxzan Perry, whom Tura righteously entrusted with her legacy. Furthermore, the relaunched Varla Magazine (named after Tura's character in Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!) is due out next month, featuring Tura's final print interview - conducted by yours truly, another source of personal pride. I discuss all of this plus the Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection, of course, in this archived online interview first broadcast on the syndicated sports/pop culture program Legends Radio on May 11. Here's to Tura Satana, who left us for Pussycat Heaven on February 4 of this year, and William Shatner, still with us, who turned 80  this past March 22 (also the two year anniversary of the Parkway closing.) Party like there's no tomorrow, even if there is, because you never know. Cheers.
The introductory page to features my tribute, a great honor
Shatner emotes in Esperanto, but it's not The End...