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Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrating the 10 Best Years of my Life - and the Best Is Yet to Come

With "Reverend Dino" (Robert Ensler) & Los Falcones
We even had our own logo!
The most beautiful bride ever

Tuesday, May 31 is the 10th anniversary of my wedding to my true love and best friend, Monica Cortes Viharo, known to most of you as "the Tiki Goddess," at the Cal-Neva Resort in North Lake Tahoe, famously owned by Frank Sinatra in the early '60s, with frequent famous guests like Marilyn Monroe, JFK and mobster Sam Giancana, to name a few. I spent my final night as a bachelor in Frank's personal cabin, #5. Our Rat Pack/mariachi themed ceremony, with our friend and Dean Martin impersonator Robert Ensler presiding, followed by the epic reception in the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Showroom,  remains the best day of my life (not that it's been downhill from there!), surrounded by friends and family from throughout my 38 years, as well as Monica's many friends and relatives, all enjoying the open martini bar (with specially designated drinks named for our favorite performers, just like the tables), the DJ lounge/soul music (from my own playlist), live mariachi music (Los Falcones of Oakland), silent scenes on a big screen from Ocean's 11 and Blue Hawaii (where we spent our honeymoon), and generally just meeting and mingling amid the stylishly retro setting with its beautiful natural backdrop. We had booked this location for our wedding before we were even officially engaged! We like to plan ahead. In fact, we had always planned to be in Paris for our 10th anniversary, but circumstances conspired against it, so instead we're settling for Plan B: dinner at the world famous French Laundry. It's way beyond our means, but so was our wedding, and it was worth every penny. Life with my wife is priceless, anyway. She deserves the very best and I plan to give it to her, even if it's on credit. I'd be nothing, and there would be no Thrillville, without her.

If interested, much more from the wedding album can be viewed online here. Cheers.
Lucky guy.

The martini bar menu (A)
The martini bar menu (B)