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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrillville turns 14, Tiki style

On Monday, April 18, 7:30 I will be hosting my 14th Thrillville Anniversary Show not in a movie theater, but in a tiki lounge, the greatest one in the world, in fact - Forbidden Island, to be exact, where I've been presenting a scaled down version of my cult movie program called "Forbidden Thrills" since last summer. Thrillville has evolved over the years from a weekly midnight show at the Parkway to a "prime time" event on Thursday nites at both the Parkway and its sister Speakeasy Theater, the Cerrito (now gone), to a road show post-Speakeasy, and then finally to its current incarnation, the monthly movie nites at Forbidden Island, which are much more like "Chillville." But actually, Thrillville is now primarily the home base for my own pulp fiction, my original dream and chief ambition. Truthfully, I never aspired to be a B movie/burlesque impresario. It's just something that happened along the way, an enjoyable and productive detour that distracted me from my true destination for 12 years, though it gave me a  public platform from which to launch my novels. Forbidden Thrills is fun, but not the main outlet for my creativity. I'd much rather be known as Will the Quill than Will the Thrill, but in any case, Thrillville remains the headquarters for all my professional endeavors. I am grateful to all Thrill Seekers for their support as I make this full circle back to my initial career choice. I remain your humble literary lounge lizard. Please join me as I present my two favorite horror movies (it's a "secret") on Forbidden Island's "indoor drive-in" screen (and widescreen hi-def bar TV), plus prizes, surprises, and Will the Thrill's Pulp Cocktails, delicious drinks inspired by my novels and served exclusively at my movie nites. Cheers & aloha, Will
Monday, April 18, 7:30, No cover
Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, 1304 Lincoln, Alameda CA