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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection is finally complete (for now!)

Cover art by Rick Lucey
Cover art by R. Black
Over the past year I've been very busy  self-publishing cherry-picked manuscripts from my long dormant literary past, revising some of the novels extensively with updated material and text corrections, but mostly keeping my own buried history as a novelist relatively intact for belated presentation to a whole new audience for my work. Now, with the printing of the final Vic Valentine, Private Eye novels in one double feature, I LOST MY HEART IN HOLLYWOOD plus! DIARY OF A DICK, now available via Lulu (and soon from Amazon and other global online retail resources), my mission is complete. For now, anyway. This leaves roughly half of my sixteen written novels still in the closet, where they'll most likely stay, intense interest from the public some day to see my earlier, less polished works develops over time. Many of the themes explored in these unpublished books are more richly developed, in more entertaining, accessible fashion, in the novels I've chosen to make public. I am very grateful to all the artists - most of whom I met via my Thrillville network - who created such beautiful, seductive covers, following my rough design ideas, but fleshing out my concepts with their own unique creative visions.
Cover art by Mike Lewis

So, what began as a cult movie cabaret and B movie/burlesque road show is now home base for a One Man Pulp Fiction Factory. This is the real me. I've finally come full circle. It's good to be home after such a long, roundabout journey. Cheers, Will the Quill

Check out the THRILLVILLE GONZO PULP FICTION GALLERY for updates and purchasing info.

Cover by Actual Rafiq
Cover design by Miles Goodrich, illustrations by Will Viharo
Cover art by R. Black
Cover art by Mister Lobo & Dixie Dellamorto