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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scenes from the Thrillville 14th Anniversary Tiki Party

Cheers to Thrillville's 14th, aloha style
Toasting Thrillville with a "Vic Valentine" cocktail
Still crazy after all these years
Here are some pix from Thrillville's 14th Anniversary Show, my first one in a tiki lounge, as part of my monthly cult movies 'n' cocktails series, Forbidden Thrills at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda. I showed my two favorite horror flicks, I Was a Teenage Werewolf and Dawn of the Dead, plus two short subjects: a  vintage-documentary-style vignette by Christian Bruno, about "Deco-Win," utilizing footage of Monica Tiki Goddess and me spinning the old carnival wheel at the Parkway Theater; and a montage of Thrillville's past theater gigs via a lobby card slide show created by Bob Ekman, to the tune of "Thrillville," my original theme song by The Moon-Rays. On the special menu: Will the Thrill's Pulp Cocktails, deadly drinks inspired by my novels. It was a packed house with some familiar faces but also a lot of new ones. Here's to Thrillville, now a personal pulp fiction factory as well as a B movie mecca, and also to Forbidden Island, which just turned 5. Cheers & aloha.
Molokai Mike shows off the FI 5th anniversary mug
Me and my pal Larry
"I Was a Tiki Werewolf"
Zombies on screen - and off.

Scenes from Thrillville's past

Thrill Seekers
Lee and Suzanne
Mark may not make it till "dawn"...
Lord Blood-Rah saves a "Drowning Mermaid"
Cheers for "Chumpy Walnut" - the cocktail!