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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here is Rick Lucey's perfectly realized B movie-style cover art for the latest (and last, for now) of the Vic Valentine, Private Eye novels, another "double feature," I LOST MY HEART IN HOLLYWOOD plus! DIARY OF A DICK. Below is the back cover blurb. I still have one unfinished Vic book, HARD-BOILED HEART, that I may update to present times (the series is set in the '90s, when all five books were written) at some point, but right now I just want to focus on promoting and building an audience for the Thrillville Pulp Fiction library I've built up over the past year. Stay tuned for publication announcement of HEART/DICK, which is currently at the printers. Cheers, Will

I LOST MY HEART IN HOLLYWOOD chronicles the strangest case yet in the so-called career of Vic Valentine, Private Eye, as an unlikely tryst with the B movie scream queen of his dreams, Velma Vale, leads him down a dark, twisted path of paranoia, voyeurism, degradation and death. The bizarre action heats up even as his burning loneliness and simmering sexual obsessions flare at the forefront of his tormented consciousness, with caution and common sense cooling idly on the backburner.
DIARY OF A DICK tells further tantalizing tales of Vic chasing tail while allegedly on the trail of True Love, all the way to New Orleans and back again, as the femme fatales of his past and present suddenly converge with prurient promises of promiscuity. As always, strings are attached to these erotic escapades, but the ties that bind begin rapidly unraveling, and Vic is left hanging by a thread like a doomed puppet. The mysteries of love have never been more elusive.
Cover art by Rick Lucey (Thrillville Press, 2011)

Cover art by R. Black (Thrillville Press, 2011)
Cover art by Tim Racer (Wild Card Press, 1996)