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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vic Valentine is back in print: FATE IS MY PIMP/ROMANCE TAKES A RAIN CHECK now available!

Cover by R. Black

He's baaaack - 16 years after he was first introduced to the world in LOVE STORIES ARE TOO VIOLENT FOR ME, my lovable, lonesome, libidinous, loquacious lothario/loser has finally made his literary comeback, with a "double feature" of sequels, FATE IS MY PIMP plus! ROMANCE TAKES A RAIN CHECK, sporting a fantastic front cover by R. Black, published under one cover and now available in a variety of formats, with more options to come (print version only available from Lulu right now; it'll be on Amazon and worldwide online retail outlets in a couple of months or less). For now:

More on the these books and the history of Vic Valentine in this earlier blog post.

Coming soon: Another Vic Valentine, Private Eye double feature, I LOST MY HEART IN HOLLYWOOD plus! DIARY OF A DICK. Stay tuned to this blog and the Vic Valentine Facebook Page for updates. Cheers.