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Saturday, February 5, 2011

TURA SATANA RIP: Aloha pussycat

In bed with Tura: a wet dream come true
Tura as a torrid teen temptress

Dinner with an icon: Nikko Hotel, San Francisco, 2006
Tura sizzles in "Astro Zombies"
Tura lives forever as Varla in "Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!"
I got a phone call this morning that not only changed my mood and my agenda for the day, but rocked my world. It was from my gal pal, swingin' SIOUXZAN PERRY, manager extraordinaire for many of the legendary Russ Meyer babes - including our famous friend TURA SATANA, who passed away on Friday, February 4 - Sooz's bday! - from natural causes at age 73. I promised to help craft an official press release and co-network memorial tributes, and naturally I've been busy posting my own memories all over cyberspace. It was an honor to know this great lady and film icon, a former model who went on to star  in three of the greatest cult flicks of all time: Russ Meyer's immortal FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL! KILL! (1965), and Ted V. Mikels' pair of timeless thrillers THE ASTRO ZOMBIES (1968) and THE DOLL SQUAD (1973). I'll be presenting both Pussycat and Astro Zombies in a special "Faster Pussycat, Thrill! Thrill" Tribute to Tura at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda (where I  hosted her 69th birthday party for her June 10, 2007!), with a cocktail special created in her honor, this Monday, February 7, 7:30, no cover. More later, including my interview with Tura for VARLA Magazine, her second to last ever. For now, these photos say more than I ever could. Cheers to Tura! Tura! TURA!
Tura and my late cat Bubba, now both in Pussycat Heaven

Hosting Tura's 69th bday at Forbidden Island, 7/10/07

With Otto Von Stroheim and Siouxzan Perry, Forbidden Island

Tura and the Tiki Goddess, Forbidden Island 7/10/07
Aloha, pussycat