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Friday, February 18, 2011

Jazz, Cocktails, Nudity & Live Pulp Fiction

Valentine's, Yoshi's, San Francisco
With the Escovdeo Family, Yoshi's, 2/14/11
Pete Escovedo and Sheila E., Yoshi's 2/14/11
Valentine's dinner at Flora, Oakland

This has been a wet, wild week, and I'm not just talking weather. Monica Tiki Goddess and I had a spectacular Valentine's celebration, with a great dinner at one of our favorite Oakland eateries, Flora, followed by a cocktail crawl thru the new jazz venues on Fillmore in San Francisco, topped off with a fantastic show by Pete Escovedo and Sheila E. at Yoshi's. Then on Thursday, February 17, I did my first public reading from my own books in 15 years, as a special guest of Naked Girls Reading, San Francisco chapter, at cozy Mission District venue called Virachoca. First the gals - Lady Monster, Ophelia Couer de Noir, and Kitty McMuffin - read from their selections in the beautiful buff, which was quite the erotic, entertaining, edifying experience, then Monica and I, wearing our robes (due to modesty as well as the fact the heater was broken!) read from my latest novel, Lavender Blonde, and then I read a chapter from A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge. I also wore my fez since hey, it's performance art. At first I was quite nervous but once I found my rhythm, the audience of strangers responded quite enthusiastically, and I wound up selling all the books I'd brought with me. It was incredibly satisfying. This is Thrillville Now. Given the response to this event, I really want to do more public readings. Stay tuned for more, and if you missed this one, you really missed something special: pure, naked, artistic bliss. Cheers to a prosperous literary future. Read this comprehensive interview with me about my writing, B movies, cocktails, etc on

Fox, Oakland
Reading "Lavender Blonde," Viracocha, 2/17/11
Reading "Lavender Blonde"
Kitty, Ophelia and Lady Monster - if you missed them nude, too bad for  you