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Friday, January 28, 2011

LIVE! NAKED! GIRLS! reading my novels!

I just published my fifth "gonzo pulp" novel LAVENDER BLONDE,  now available in print from Lulu as well as an ebook edition, to be distributed on, Barnes&, and other global retail outlets in a month or so. And that's not even the coolest thing I have going on right now. My sexy pal Lady Monster just invited me to do a live reading from both Lavender Blonde and my earlier novel A MERMAID DROWNS IN THE MIDNIGHT LOUNGE at Virachoca in San Francisco on Thursday, February 17, 8PM as a guest of the local chapter of the national literary program NAKED GIRLS READING, which is exactly what it sounds like. There will be several bodacious bookworms present in all their glory, including my foxy friend Dottie Lux, as I take the stage with Monica Tiki Goddess (nude? we'll see...) to read erotic passages from both of these sensuous, surreal novels. Advance tickets $15-$20.00 now on sale. If this doesn't get you to love literature, I don't know what will. Cheers.

Naked Girls Reading...yes, it's true