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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is the spectacularly sensuous cover for my latest slice of gonzo pulp fiction, LAVENDER BLONDE, composed and painted by my friends and longtime Thrillville collaborators Mister Lobo and his talented partner in psychotronia, Dixie Dellamorto. 

Back cover blurb: Lavender Blonde is a psycho-sexual portrait of erotic obsession, conveyed in soul-searching conversations between an itinerant jazz musician, raised in a brothel, and a savvy, sexy social worker, exploring and exposing themes and tales of loneliness and lust as the mysteries behind the madness are slowly revealed...

Read more about Lavender Blonde on this earlier blog. Special thanks to my dear friend Greg "Goyo" Vargas for the encouragement; this is his favorite of my books. It will be published and available for purchase very soon; stay tuned for updates here and on the Lavender Blonde Facebook Page. Cheers, Will the Quill