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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eee-O 2011: Still The Thrill

The Big Countdown at Midnight
Checkin' the VIP list
Monica and me
Monica Tiki Goddess and I rung in the New Year ring-a-ding-ding style at Forbidden Island's "Tiki-lypso" party, featuring live music by Apocalypso Now, a trip through pop music history by DJ Tanoa, exotic booze, sexy dames, party favors, Ocean's 11 on the bar TV,  and an all-around good time, even though I was the doorman. I don't plan to be a doorman forever - hell, I never planned to be one at all - but if you gotta be a bouncer, this is the place to do it. I just love the retro-aloha atmosphere, so it never feels like a job. My Forbidden Thrills movie nites there are now programmed for the entire year, follow the schedule here. I'm also busy submitting articles on a regular basis for my Oakland Examiner indie movie column, and naturally I'm constantly promoting my pulp novels via Thrillville Press and Lulu. So I'm keeping busy even though the search for steady income continues post-Speakeasy Theaters. There is a strong chance the Parkway will reopen this year under new (and improved) management, too. I'm not involved with this effort, though I think the place would be in good hands and I wish Moses and company all the best. It certainly would be a welcome boon for that neighborhood in particular and the Parkway's loyal legion of mournful fans in general. Me, I've successfully moved on, returning to my literary roots while maintaining my rep as a movie impresario via these different avenues.  With all these promising fires lit, it's going to be another interesting year, and hopefully, finally, a prosperous one as well. As Sammy D. sang: "It's just a state of mind, whether or not you'll find, that place down there or the meantime, Eee-O Eee-O, Eee-O Eleven..." I don't know what that means either, but I like the sound of it. Dig. Cheers.

Photos by Gabriel Hurley.