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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hulaween 2010: Mucha Lucha, Poco Loco

This was my first post-Thrillville, post-Bubba Halloween, and it was pretty lowkey. The lack of pressure was refreshing, though I'm still depressed about losing Bubba back in September, and am very worried about my financial prospects, which, given the probable outcome of the looming election, with Republicans likely regaining control of the House, don't look so good, especially for struggling artists like myself. Anyway, I spent most of the past month watching horror movies,  from old favorites like I Was a Teenage Werewolf to Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein to my favorite new zombie flick, Colin, a mini-masterpiece of gritty gore and lonesome, apocalyptic pathos from Britain (my interview with director Marc Price will appear in the forthcoming issue of Varla Magazine), which means it was pretty much like any other month. Recently we caught Joshua Grannell's new cult classic, All About Evil, where it was filmed, at the Victoria in San Francisco, with a stage pre-show starring Peaches Christ, and that was a lot of fun. On the actual holiday, I presided over Forbidden Island's annual Hulaween Party. Attendance was robust, considering it fell on a Sunday, and we were up against the World Series, this year featuring a local team, the SF Giants (I'm not a sports fan and Monica is loyal to the Oakland A's, so I'm basically apathetic), but the game ended early - and victoriously - so it all wound up okay for everybody. Spooky platters spun by DJ Tanoa and live theremin by my old pal Robert Silverman livened up the proceedings. The joint was hoppin'. I wore my Blue Demon mask most of the day and into the night. After I got home, I watched the premiere of AMC's new series The Walking Dead, which did not disappoint - suspenseful, moving, gory, credible and very faithful to the source material. All in all, not a bad Halloween, if not a particularly memorable one, except for the fact it was the first one spent with our new kitten, Googie, who is getting along pretty well with his adopted big sister, Tiki. Here's to many more. Cheers & chills.