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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ode to Bubba, 1996-2010

This is one of the very saddest days of my life. Monica and I just had to put down our beloved male cat, Chungking, AKA "Bubba," who lost his battle with cancer. We called a private doctor, from Rainbows Bridge, who made a private house call, so Bubba could pass in peace,  safe in his loving home, surrounded by his adoring family, which includes our younger female cat, Tiki. Bubba was diagnosed with an intestinal tumor back in January and only given two months to live, but with some Prednisone treatment and lots of love, he managed to survive another eight months, and he had a very healthy, happy summer. Bubba was 14. We only had him in our lives for 6 years. Previously he belonged to our former upstairs duplex mates (before we bought our condo), our friends Otto and Dorinda Von Stroheim. But Bubba decided we were his rightful parents, came over one day, and never left. (Fortunately, Otto and Doe soon adopted two other kid-friendly cats, abandoned by our next door neighbor, so that worked out for everybody.) Bubba was - is -  a very sweet soul, and one cool cat. Even as a writer, words fail me. I am simply overcome with grief, devastated beyond description. But music often expresses feelings perfectly. We often imagined that if he could sing, Bubba would sound like Billy Eckstine. My personal song for Bubba has always been "My Buddy" by Mel Torme. We played "Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole as Bubba drifted away. Pictures tell the rest of his story.

Aloha, my little buddy, rest in peace.