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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My comedic crime novel DOWN A DARK ALLEY now available

 Cover art by R. Black

A week or so after finally publishing the first novel I ever wrote, CHUMPY WALNUT, I am formally announcing the delayed publication of another, totally different novel, DOWN A DARK ALLEY, originally written in 1992. It's a satirical crime saga inspired by a trip to Miami, correspondence with an incarcerated cousin, and the works of Carl Hiaasen and Charles Willeford. It is dedicated to my late friend Brian Hill, who always encouraged me to publish it.

From the back cover: "Down A Dark Alley is a torrid tale exploding with raw romance, savage sex, voluptuous violence, mirthful mayhem and delirious decadence as a sorry sap takes a breathless cross-country walk on the wild side with a ferocious femme fatale, desperately trying to escape a chaotic past and facing an uncertain future. This is hard-boiled but heartfelt neo-pulp fiction for fearless dreamers."

DADA is now available from Lulu in print or ebook versions. All of my novels can be purchased via my Lulu storefront. My Thrillville Fiction page also has links to Amazon and other online retailers, to be updated. That wraps up my literary efforts for 2010, I'm beat, man, like real beat. Cheers.