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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moving On...and Up

Right now my very first novel, CHUMPY WALNUT, initially written 30 years and recently revised for publication via Lulu, is at press, and I'm prepping another, DOWN A DARK ALLEY (cover by R. Black), first written in 1992 and also given an update, to follow soon thereafter. My most recently written novel, A MERMAID DROWNS IN THE MIDNIGHT LOUNGE, is not only currently available via Lulu, but now via Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well. Meantime, I'm continuing my Forbidden Thrills movie nites at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, one Monday per month. Next up:, on Monday, September 20, 7:30 "Incredibly Strange & Strangely Incredible Films" featuring my late friend Ray Dennis Steckler's musical monsterpiece THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES (1963) with Jack Hill's gothic cult classic SPIDER BABY (1968), starring Sid Haig and Lon Chaney Jr. My special guests will be old friend and frequent Thrillville collaborator Mister Lobo and his paramour Dixie Dellamorto (who designed the poster at top.) I feel as if I'm successfully reinvented myself following the fall of Speakeasy Theaters, by returning to my literary roots. "Thrillville Press" is not a particularly lucrative venture so far, but it feels damn good. Follow That Dream. Cheers.

"Incredibly Strange" trailer

"Spider Baby" opening titles

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