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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sometimes the best response to a tragic Death is a reaffirmation of Life. After the intensely painful loss of my dear baby boy cat Bubba, I felt myself drifting down a bottomless, black pit of utter despair, the likes of which I have not experienced since I lost my dear cat Puss back in '95.  In truth, I have been mourning my Bubba since he was first diagnosed with an intestinal tumor back in January, anticipating the inevitable, despite an unexpected reprieve (via medication and love) which gave us several more months together than originally forecast. Now that the aching reality of Bubba's absence was replacing my initial shock, I was on a possibly self-destructive downward spiral of depression. But I had to find a way to keep going - I have Monica and my other cat, young female Tiki, to think about and take care of. So, since Xanax, booze and sad songs weren't improving my spirits in the slightest, I decided to take an "exploratory" trip to the local Alameda Animal Shelter, to "browse" for a possible future playmate for Tiki. The vet strongly suggested a young male she could dominate, now that she's Queen of the Castle. The result of this impulsive excursion: meet GOOGIE, our brand new baby boy, just 3 months old, named after our favorite type of architecture. Plus, he just looks like a "Googie." Hopefully, he will help heal my broken heart as I continue to honor the memory of my beloved Bubba. Cheers to cats and cat lovers everywhere. In fact, here's to Life.