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Thursday, September 23, 2010

After 30 years, CHUMPY WALNUT now in print and on sale!

The very first novel, CHUMPY WALNUT, a Damon Runyonesque fable about a guy only a foot tall, illustrated by yours truly with James Thurbish-ish drawings, is finally available via, both in print and as an ebook (which is only compatible with Kindle and most computers, not the iPad, not yet, sorry.) Anyone who's known me for a while understands what a magnificent milestone and personal triumph this is. I've lived with this little guy most of my life, and now, I'm finally introducing him to his public. A complete history of my aborted writing "career" is encapsulated in this September 2002 "Thrillville Beat" column.

It's good to be back.Cheers to Chumpy!

(All my novels are available on my Lulu Storefront, as well as and other online retail outlets)

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