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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elvis D-Day '10 & Tiki Oasis 10: TCB & Aloha

On Monday August 16, it will be exactly 37 years since The King retired to his throne - and never returned. Though Thrillville as a movie theater experience is over, as part of my new cult movie series, Forbidden Thrills at Forbidden Island (AKA "Chillville"), I am continuing my bi-annual tribute to Elvis (B-day is January 8; I met Monica Tiki Goddess - officially - at an Elvis B-day party I was hosting at Kingman's Ivy Room 1/8/98). On 1/8/10, it's another ELVIS D-DAY TIKI PARTY with Elvis movies, Elvis music, Elvis cocktails, Elvis prizes, and even Elvis food (peanut butter and banana sandwiches!). Elvis was an honorary Hawaiian; he made three movies there (Blue Hawaii, 1961; Girls! Girls! Girls! 1962; and Paradise, Hawaiian Style, 1966), and of course there was his legendary 1973 globally broadcast Aloha From Hawaii concert, so a tiki lounge is a fitting place to honor his legacy - owner Molokai Mike is a big fan, too. 

Then, the same week, Monica and I head back to San Diego to host our third Movie Nite at Otto Von Stroheim's and Dorinda "Baby Doe" Von Stroheim's internationally acclaimed congregation of Polynesian Popsters, TIKI OASIS 10 (August 19-22, Crowne Plaza Hotel). Below are the synopses for the two short "tiki" films I'm presenting, which will be followed by my own special "Tribute to Tiki TV" which is a big secret, sorry, Big Kahunas. Be there - aloha.
FORBIDDEN THRILLS hosted by Will the Thrill presents:
Monday, August 16, 7:30PM-Midnite, no cover, free popcorn!
Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, 1304 Lincoln Ave., Alameda

Saturday, August 21, 10PM
Hosted by Will the Thrill & Monica Tiki Goddess


(10:33 minutes run time)
Director - Joshua Dragotta
Take a peek inside the los angeles recording studio as brothers Frank and Tony marsico of the Martini Kings team up with lounge legend Buddy Greco for the recording of the Kings 13th album, sure to be a lounge classic!


2. SEPY DOBRONYI presents:
(Easter Island)
In 1968, Baron Joseph “Sepy” Dobronyi joined the New York Explorers Club for a trip to one of the world’s most remote islands, Rapa Nui (Easter Island.) He brought with him his 16mm camera to capture the mysterious stone monuments that litter the barren, volcanic landscape. Part documentary, and part travelogue, this films covers the entire island’s topography.
Dobronyi’s interview with Father Sebastian, the Franciscan Monk who lived on and studied the culture of Rapa Nui from 1935 until his death in 1969, gives keen insight into the life and demise of the amazing culture that chiseled, moved and erected 10 ton statues from volcanic rock. Father Sebastian catalogued the 700 statues on the island and is credited as having provided the technical details for this film.
Dobronyi narrates the expedition and the background soundtrack is wonderful field recordings of native music, and features performances of traditional dance.
Color, 32 minutes.
Digital transfer from the original 16mm print. Courtesy of of his surf-star son Ferenc Dobronyi.

3. PLUS!
"A TRIBUTE TO TIKI TV" (it's a surprise!)
Be there. Aloha.