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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well, suddenly, that's a wrap. Thrillville as a movie stage show - after twelve years at Speakeasy Theaters and one more year (and change) on the road - came to an end on Thursday, July 22, 2010. And this phase ended most appropriately, with the premieres of two kick-ass, all-new lucha monster movies, MIL MASCARAS VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY and ACADEMY OF DOOM, both featuring the great Mil the Thrill, plus live music by Latin rockers Carne Cruda, who closed the Parkway last year, ironically with a lucha documentary (Que Viva La Lucha). It was part of the Another Hole in the Head film fest at the Roxie in San Francisco, a legendary venue, likewise uniquely apropos for this special occasion. It was great seeing Thrill Seekers past and present lining up for the last Thrillville show of its kind - the last dance to the "Thrillville" theme by the Moon-Rays (on a movie stage, anyway); the final appearance of the Magic Tiki (likewise); the last time I host a band (as part of my act, I'm still booking great live music at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, where I'm also hosting my new, scaled-back, chilled-out cult movie series one Monday a month, Forbidden Thrills, sans the frills.) The audience absolutely loved both movies, making me beam with satisfaction at my selections. When I booked this program months ago, I wasn't planning on making this my theatrical swan song, but since then, I've rediscovered and revived my literary roots, publishing a novel, plus after a year on the road I've found a new home base at Forbidden Island, retooling and downsizing the Thrillville concept for a tiki lounge setting. Monica and I did feel rather melancholy about my decision to make this our final movie theater show, since Thrillville was how we first met, at the Parkway, on May 31, 1997, when it was called "The Midnight Lounge" and I was hosting Jailhouse Rock (we officially started dating after we met again at the Ivy Room on January 8, 1998.) We celebrated by going restaurant/bar-hopping before the show around the Mission District (Luna Park, Regalito, Dalva), meeting up with our old pal and longtime supporter Kelly Vance and Jeff Ross of SF Indiefest, which puts on this festival annually, the hob-nobbing with fans from the old days, as well as some new ones. It definitely felt like the end of an era. But also, the beginning of a new one. Thanks to all for thirteen plus years of cheap thrills. Here's to many more, in whatever format they materialize. Cheers, salud, aloha and VIVA THRILLVILLE!
 With Kelly Vance, Dalva

 With Jeff Ross of SF Indiefest at Dalva
 Guillermo vs Mil the Thrill!
Camilo of Carne Cruda, Monica, Guillermo el Thrillermo

 "The Thrill is gone!"