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Friday, July 9, 2010

Thrillville's Tribute to BOB WILKINS, Camera 3, San Jose, 7/14/10

On Wednesday, July 14, exactly 37 years since it first aired on KTVU, I'm proud to present a completely restored and reassembled original episode of the legendary "Creature Features" program for THRILLVILLE'S TRIBUTE TO BOB WILKINS at the Camera 3 Cinema in San Jose, my final show there, sad to say, though I'm happily ready to finally settle down again, after a year and change "on the road," at my new home base, Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, with my new "spinoff" movie series, Forbidden Thrills. Filmmaker/archivist TOM WYRSCH edited this special show together, which was a huge hit when it played the Balboa Theater in San Francisco last October, and I hope to duplicate that success at the Camera 3. Bob hosts the 1956 Universal monsterpiece THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US, one of my personal faves, and interviews Famous Monsters of Filmland founder Forrest J. Ackerman along with some of Bob's witty skits and original '70s commercials sprinkled in for authentic period flavor. Bob's heir and our good friend, the famous JOHN STANLEY will appear in person to honor the late, great Bob Wilkins, who made personal appearances at many fondly remembered "Creature Features" reunions at the late, great Parkway Theater. This is a fitting way to say goodbye to the Camera 3 and the perfect penultimate program for my post-Speakeasy road show phase. Here's to all of 'em. Hope to see ya there, cheers.

 Event trailer by Tom Wyrsch: