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Monday, July 26, 2010

MERMAID novel & soundtrack now available!

I've just ended Thrillville 1.0 and am going directly into Thrillville 2.0, which means my new no-frills cult movie series Forbidden Thrills at my new home base, Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, and more significantly, the creation of "Thrillville Press" - self-publication of my backlog of novels, including my latest, A MERMAID DROWNS IN THE MIDNIGHT LOUNGE and its companion CD, the original "book score" MUSIC FOR A DROWNING MERMAID by San Jose musician Actual Rafiq. Both are now available on my Lulu storefront and will soon be available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retail outlets. (This recent San Francisco Bay Guardian interview with goes into my reasons for self-publishing.) Last week I celebrated at Forbidden Island with my second Forbidden Thrills event, "Mermaid Mania," featuring NIGHT TIDE (1961) and MERMAIDS OF TIBURON (1962). It was very successful and I'm looking forward to many more Forbidden Thrills in the future. Not sure what the financial rewards of my re-animated literary career will be, if any, but I haven't felt this creatively satisfied in a long time - maybe ever. Next from Thrillville Press: my very first novel, the nostalgic fantasy CHUMPY WALNUT; a satirical crime novel, DOWN A DARK ALLEY;  and the rest of the VIC VALENTINE, PRIVATE EYE series, the first of which, LOVE STORIES ARE TOO VIOLENT FOR ME, has been optioned repeatedly by Christian Slater - in fact, he recently renewed it. Onward Christian Slater! Thanks for sticking with me as I evolve both personally and professionally. Cheers, Will the Quill

With Actual Rafiq, who composed the original "book score" for my novel

 Mermaid Mai Tai at Luna Park, night of my final Thrillville 1.0 show at the Roxie
  Monica rewarded me with a mermaid statue, which I dubbed "Mora" after Linda Lawson's
character in "Night Tide"