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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Mermaid Mania" Monday 7/19 @ Forbidden Island

Thrillville 2.0: FORBIDDEN THRILLS at my new "home base,"Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, continues this coming Monday, July 19, 7:30 with it second show ever, and it will be very special. The theme is "Mermaid Mania" and the flicks are Curtis Harrington's mysterious "mermaid noir" NIGHT TIDE (1961) starring the late (but here, very young) Dennis Hopper and my friend Linda Lawson, who graciously donated many autographed photos to give away; plus, at 9:30, the 1962 adventure flick MERMAIDS OF TIBURON (1962) starring famous model Diane Webber. In addition to the prizes, cocktail specials (including, naturally, "The Mermaid") and free popcorn, all for no cover charge, this will be a Book Release party of sorts, celebrating the pending publication of my first novel in 14 years, A MERMAID DROWNS IN THE MIDNIGHT LOUNGE.  The text and cover - featuring the stunningly sensual photographic art image by Mike Lewis - are all complete and the book is  just about ready to roll off the Lulu press, and soon it will be available via Amazon and via other online retail outlets as well (and eventually in actual bookstores.) In addition, I am offering possibly the first ever "original book score," four mind-bending instrumentals by my man Actual Rafiq, who performed at a couple of my San Jose Thrill-gigs. He wrote the first one, "One-Way Ticket to Thrillville," on spec, using the same exact title I had in mind, without even talking to me first! Then he wrote four other moody instrumentals that perfectly complement the tone of the book. I just fed him the titles: "Lunar Lounge Lizard," "Porno Noir," and "Elvis Zombie," and he took his inspiration from the imagery. I'm calling the CD-EP MUSIC FOR A DROWNING MERMAID. I won't have physical copies of the book ready for this show, but Rafiq may have some CDs to sell, so bring a little extra cash. I'll be taking pre-orders, too. This  event will represent the transition from Thrillville Past to Thrillville Future, as so expertly summed up by Chery Eddy in this San Francisco Bay Guardian article. Hope to see you there. Aloha.