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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scenes from the first "Forbidden Thrills" at Forbidden Island, 6/21/10

 Photo by Paul McMillan
I've been very busy preparing my latest novel for publication via Lulu, more on that later. For now, just popping in with some pix from the debut of the latest edition/next phase of Thrillville (as a film series), Forbidden Thrills at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda.  It was a lot of fun and worked out logistically much better than I thought it would, given the oblong layout of the bar. The two films - my "Freaky Filipino Flix" double bill of Eddie Romero's sleazy monster classic MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND (1968) with the midget superspy action thriller FOR YOUR HEIGHT ONLY (1981), starring the inimitable cult icon Weng-Weng , plus the outrageous short film LOVE GODDESSES OF BLOOD ISLAND -  were projected on a big pull-down screen at one end of the bar, and simulcast on the wide-screen hi-def TV on the other, with the sound pumped through the main system. Prizes, free popcorn and some killer cocktails - including the evening's special, "The Weng-Weng" - made the transition/transformation of Thrillville from movie theater show to tiki bar party a smooth , satisfying experience. The audience loved the films and the atmosphere, and this definitely felt like my new home base. The next show in this monthly series is Monday July 19, "Mermaid Mania" featuring the late Dennis Hopper and my friend Linda Lawson in Curtis Harrington's moody "mermaid noir" NIGHT TIDE (1961) with the colorful adventure tale MERMAIDS OF TIBURON (1962) starring famous model Diane Webber. As Jack Lord would say: Be there. Aloha!