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Monday, June 14, 2010

Powerful pix from Comic Book Superhero Nite @ Forbidden Island

Here are some scenes from THRILLVILLE'S COMIC BOOK SUPER HERO NITE at Forbidden Island, 6/10/10.  Monica cannibalized an old costume from Thrillville and attended as "Glamazon," I wore a big pimp Bat-pimp hat, FI honcho Molokai Mike was Two-Face, manager/mixologist Suzanne Long was Lois Lane, and the FI bar crew - Susan, Paddy, Katerina and Melissa - dressed up as "The Incredibles." Lord Blood-Rah showed up as himself. We offered cocktail specials with names like "Paradise Island," "The Green Hornet," and "Shazam!" The Deadlies rocked the house with supersonic surf music and debuted their brand new CD, "Meet the Deadlies." We handed out free "Batman" comic books courtesy of Alameda Sports Card & Comics, gave away prizes, drank and danced. It wasn't quite as popular as my Sci-Fi Nite a few months ago,  and I really  wish more patrons had actually participated in the costume contest, but as you can see, we had fun anyway. Next theme event at Forbidden Island: Spaghetti Western Nite on July 8, and of course my new film series, "Forbidden Thrills" kicks off June 21. Cheers & Aloha.

Photos by Paul McMillan and Gabriel Hurley of Zero Coordinate, Inc.