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Friday, June 4, 2010

Like, Thrillville, dad: pix from the Beatnik Bash @ The Vortex Room

Here are some photos from THRILLVILLE'S BEATNIK BASH at The Vortex Room in San Francisco, a perfect match of theme event and venue: 16mm prints of Roger Corman's A Bucket of Blood and Albert Zugsmith's The Beat Generation (both 1959), live "beat" music by Smooth Toad, and cocktails mixed by in-house Vortex curators Scott and Erica. The intimacy of the space suits my new "Chillville" attitude these days. This was one of my final "road shows". Still in the pipeline at this point are a Bob Wilkins Tribute at the Camera 3 in San Jose on July 14; then the following week, our debut at The Roxie in San Francisco on July 22 with the West Coast premiere of Mil Mascaras vs the Aztec Mummy; and finally we host Movie Nite @ Tiki Oasis 10 in San Diego August 21. This will pretty much round out my summer schedule before I settle down to my new gig, Forbidden Thrills @ Forbidden Island (I'm also hosting the postponed Comic Book Superhero Nite there June 10, with more theme nights scheduled, like Spaghetti Western Nite on July 8). I'm getting too old and tired to travel, and frankly, I'd rather be writing anyway. The Thrill is "gone"...cheers.