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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thrillville's Beatnik Bash @ The Vortex Room: Like, dig

On Thursday, June 3, 8PM, we're hosting our first gig at The Vortex Room in San Francisco: THRILLVILLE'S BEATNIK BASH, featuring two of my favorite flicks, both prime examples of cinematic "Beat" pop culture: Roger Corman's ever-popular sculptor-turned-serial-killer satire A BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959), starring Dick Miller, and Albert Zugmith's incredibly sleazy cult classic THE BEAT GENERATION (1959), another serial killer thriller with a bongo-beatin' backdrop, co-starring Steve Cochran, Dick Contino, Ray Stanton, Fay Spain, Louis Armstrong, Ray Anthony, Jackie Coogan Irish "Sheena" McCalla, Vampira, & Jim Mitchum (hope I didn't leave anyone out there.) Both films are presented in rare 16mm prints from the Vortex Room's voodoo vaults. The Vortex Room houses the same  funky, fabulous film archives previously stored at The Werepad, where we did a few gigs back in the day, before it sadly closed up shop, but the Vortex, curated by  former Werepadian/live-in curator/programmer/hep cat Scott Moffett, is a very cool, crazy, cozy duplication, feeling very much like a Warholian underground club in Greenwich Village circa 1968, with psychedelic space age decor and a full cocktail bar. Also on the bill: live "Beat" music & poetry by Smooth Toad. Dig.

Thursday, June 3, 8PM, $10
The Vortex Room
1082 Howard St., San Francisco