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Friday, March 12, 2010

Thrillville invades Forbidden Island/Planet!

The Tomorrowmen
Mach IV

With Molokai Mike
Thrillville's second theme night at Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge , "Tiki Sci-Fi Nite," was yet another smash success, following our big Elvis Bday Bash back in January, packed to the bamboo rafters with aliens, astronauts, alcohol and all-around astronomical antics. Live space-surf music was provided by The Tomorrowmen, who really rocked our rocket, with special surprise guests Mach IV and The Deadbeats. Cocktail specials included "The Blind Angel," "Flaming Saucer," "Martian Mai Tai," "Red Planet" and "Rocket Fuel," we gave our some crap from our house, always a relief, showed movies on the big indoor drive-in screen behind the band, as well as on the bar TV, and in general, had a blast - literally. This is the Future of Thrillville. Next show at Forbidden Island: "Comic Book Superhero Nite" May 13, with live surf music by The Deadlies.
Cheers & aloha.