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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elvis Tiki Bday @ Forbidden Island

With Molokai Mike (Photo by Jane Tyska)
"The Burning Love" cocktail special

Celebrating Elvis Presley's birthday has been a tradition in my life for many years. I officially met my wife Monica Tiki Goddess at an Elvis Bday Party at The Ivy Room on January 8, 1998 (after unofficially encountering her at my midnite show at the Parkway on May 31, 1997, when she spun my wheel before Jailhouse Rock.) After many successful Elvis Bday (and D-day, August 16) movie shows at the Parkway and Cerrito Theaters over the years, the party has moved to Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, co-run by Elvis fan Michael Thanos, my good pal. It was the first official collaboration between Thrillville and my favorite tiki lounge, for which I do PR, and it was one big hunka love, baby.
Monica digs the PB&B sandwich

The bar was packed all night by a plethora of Elvis
fans young and old. I gave out a bunch of prizes via my trademarked b.s trivia questions. Some in the audience may not have even been Elvis fans per se, at least not when they walked in, but no doubt their "E.Q." was a lot higher on the way out. The delicious peanut butter and banana sandwiches went like hotcakes, and the specially-themed Elvis cocktail specials were likewise popular:Monica Tiki Goddess was like an Elvis concert roadie, checking IDs at the door while I MC'd:

There were also movies on the big "indoor drive-in" screen:
And Elvis himselvis showed up, much to the excitement of the female patrons:
We did The King justice. Across town, my pal Deacon Rivers of the Church of Elvis was throwing his own b-day shindig. Deacon Rivers - AKA PM Clary - was my original partner in organizing these annual events. Now we're spreading the Graceland Gospel all over the East Bay. Read about both shindigs in Angela Woodall's column here.

This was one of my favorite Bday celebrations ever. It was a beautiful way to kick off the year, and the decade. Hail to the King! Cheers & TCB, "Wilvis."