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Thursday, January 28, 2010

DONNA LOREN in person at Thrillville's Valentine's Beach Party, 2/14/10

SURF'S (AND HEADS) UP! I am honored and happy to report that, thanks to the networking efforts of my pals, swinger supreme Siouxzan Perry and hipster deluxe Hal Lifson, beach bunny icon/singing star DONNA LOREN will be appearing and performing in person at Thrillville's Valentine's Beach Party, February 14, 7:30 $10 @ The Balboa Theater, 3630 Balboa St. in San Francisco, (blocks from the surf!), before a screening of her 1965 classic BEACH BLANKET BINGO! The lovely Donna will be singing vintage beach party movie hits as well as tunes off her brand new album, "Love It Away." Monica Tiki Goddess and I will be giving away some nifty prizes, the ginchiest one being a pair of passes to that Bay Area theatrical institution, BEACH BLANKET BABYLON! Also on the bill: SF's legendary one woman burlesque show KITTEN ON THE KEYS! It is an embarrassment of romantic riches - treat that special someone to a Valentine's evening they'll never forget! Cheers & cowabunga, baby!
We'll be giving away tickets to San Francisco's famous show, Beach Blanket Babylon!
Kitten on the Keys will perform a special set for lovers, solitary or otherwise!
Donna Loren THEN:

Donna Loren NOW: