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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thrillville Express (interview)

Rachel Swan recently wrote a profile of yours truly which appears in this week's edition of the East Bay Express, you can read it here. The past, present and future of Thrillville, the Tiki Goddess, our pad, the Mai Tai campaign, and the Parkway are all discussed. Also, if so inclined, check out this recent interview on Voodoo Idol's Pirate Cat Radio show, "Brood of the Mau Mau," you can download/listen it to it here. The show features a lot of cool, rare garage/surf music, too.

All this publicity has yet to result in large, steady crowds at my San Francisco/San Jose road shows (though they have been quite enthusiastic). This traveling schedule is exhausting and so far, not particularly lucrative. Fun, though, and I'll keep taking advantage of all these opportunities for the foreseeable future but at some point, economic reality will kick in, and I be forced to reassess my priorities, commitments and investments, career-wise. Pretty much ever year around this time I seriously consider hanging up the fez for good, but something always keeps me going. Namely, YOU. We'll see what 2010 has in store, hopefully something less tumultuous than 2009. It's been a very strange year. Please spread the thrills. Cheers.
(Photos by Joseph Schell)