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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Holiday Season in Thrillville: Slay Bells Ring-a-ding-ding!

I love this time of year. "Kitschmas" in all its glittery, gaudy glory is upon us, and I'm celebrating in typical Thrillville style with two totally different but equally festive events. First, we're hosting a rare revival of Bob Clark's original "seasonal slasher" cult masterpiece BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974), starring Olivia Hussey, John Saxon, Keir Dullea and Margot Kidder. The 35mm print comes courtesy of Brian Quinn, who programs the Grindhouse Film Festival down at the New Beverly Cinema in LA. There will be two programs: first, on Thursday December 3, 8PM at the 4 Star Theater in San Francisco, with live music by theremin lounge band Project Pimento, and then again a week later on Thursday, December 10, 8PM, at the Camera 3 Cinema in San Jose, with live lounge music by Rocket to Rio. Both shows $10. Before the latter gig, Monica and I will be hanging out at San Jose's popular Christmas in the Park attraction, then dinner at Original Joe's, one of our favorite spots.

But December isn't just about Christmas - my own personal savior, Frank Sinatra, was born this month, too, and we're marking the occasion with a special swingin' salute this year: Thrillville presents SINATRA'S BIRTHDAY PARTY Saturday December 12, at Kingman's Ivy Room in Albany.

This joint holds special sentimental significance for us, since Monica and I officially hooked up there (when it still a rock 'n' roll honky tonk, before Kingman renovated it into a swanky lounge, which better suits our personal style), back on January 8, 1998, while I was hosting an Elvis bday party. We had previously met when Monica came to see me host Jailhouse Rock at the Parkway on May 31, 1997, but I didn't actually ask her out then, she just showed me her Elvis/Navajo tattoo and spun my wheel. She definitely left an impression, but I never thought I'd see her again. It was at the Ivy Room where I made my historic, fateful move, and you know the rest. The Chairman would've turned 94 on this day, this year, and we're throwing a celebratory shindig with Sinatra/Rat Pack movies on the bar TV, live lounge music once again by Rocket To Rio, and of course prizes from yours truly. Frank's pally Dean Martin left us for that Big Showroom in the Sky on Christmas Day, 1995, and Eartha "Santa Baby" Kitt joined him last Christmas Day. Weird and oddly appropriate: two holiday music icons both passing way On The Day Itself. Here's to a safe, happy, restful holiday season for all us. Cheers.