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Monday, November 2, 2009

Hella Hulaween Trix 'n' Pix

Actual Rafiq at the Camera 3...distracted?
The Deadlies rock out at the Balboa
Lady Monster lights up the Balboa!
Halloween '09 was quite an endurance test. This was the year both Bob Wilkins and Ray Dennis Steckler died on the same day, and the Parkway and Cerrito Theaters both closed. This was also the first year since 2001 we didn't do a Halloween show up at the now defunct Copia in Napa. Still, the Thrillville road shows rolled on, with Thrillville's Halloween Gore 'n' Snorefest at both the Camera 3 Cinema in San Jose (with special musical guest Actual Rafiq) and at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco (with special musical guests The Deadlies and live fire-tassel tossin' by Lady Monster.) Both shows attracted modest-sized but highly enthusiastic audiences and attracted some good press (San Jose Metro articles here and here, hilarious review in the San Jose campus paper here.) Then on Halloween itself, I MC'd the spectacularly successful Hulaween Party at Forbidden Island in Alameda, packed to the rafters with costumed revelers, with live theremin by frequent Thrillville guest Robert Silverman. My date was my wife Monica Tiki Goddess as "Joan Holloway" from Mad Men - and I was Sonny Miami Vice Crockett for the first time since the show was actually on the air, over twenty years ago! The bar crew dressed up as Charlie's Angels. It was quite a classic TV monster mash-up. All in all, Halloween this year was memorable, despite the many setbacks, including the ill-timed Bay Bridge closure. It was fun, but I'm glad it's over. Here's to 2010. Cheers!

Monica ("Joan") with Robert and Deb Silverman
It was so busy at Forbidden Island, "Joan" pitched in behind the bar!
Joan Holloway meets Don - Johnson, not Draper