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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thrillville meets Creepy KOFY Movietime

With hosts Balrock and No-Name

Monica and I just taped a guest shot on our local horror host show, Creepy KOFY Movie Time, hosted by Balrock and No-Name. They show the cream of public domain crap with folksy, funny wraparounds. The head-banger meets hipster meets horror aesthetic is fun and informal. We met some cool folks there, as well as some old friends. It's a small, strange, swingin' little world we live in, mutually populated by ghouls, gals, geeks 'n' goons. I love all these goofy bastards!With James of the Deadlies and unidentified sexy blondeWith my pal Strephon
The "Naked Clothing" gals

The backstage atmosphere is very loose and fun, a real party. They tape a bunch of segments for various episodes all in one day. Their "house band" is the Deadlies, who've appeared in Thrillville before and will again on October 29 for THRILLVILLE'S GORE 'N' SNOREFEST at the Balboa. I've also booked these raucous retro rockers at Forbidden Island, where they encore October 11. We ran into our pals (and former Creepy KOFY guests) Dottie Luxe and Strephon and Heather Taylor who just stopped by to cheer on everybody else. There were some crazy funny comics and bawdy burlesque performers on the bill, as well as the folks behind "controversial" enterprise Psycho Donuts (hey, my natural mother was certifiably schizophrenic, and I don't take any offense - you gotta have a sense of humor about these things, they don't call it "funny farm" for nothin'!). Witch's Brew was there to plug their upcoming benefit for The San Francisco Ghost Society at El Rio. We also met talented "one man band" The Slow Poisoner, and some sexy models from Naked Clothing. It was like being on the set of an Ed Wood flick. We felt right at home. Or I did. Monica had trouble staying awake, but that's her role in Thrillville - the Bored Mommy. TBalrock and No Name couldn't have been more gracious hosts. They're good guys. Ghouls, whatever. In their intro they referred to us as "American icons." News to us. I plugged the Conga Lounge Oakland Mai Tai campaign and gave them copies of Bachelor Pad Magazine. I'll let you know when to set your TiVos. Cheers. With one man band "the Slow Poisoner"
With the Psycho Donuts medical team