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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mexican Monsters, Chainsaw Hookers & Zontar, the Thing from Thrillville

Posters by Strephon Taylor

Abruptly my association with Monogram Releasing has come to an end, so I was forced to think on my feet and rebook my September and October "road thrill" shows. Within less than a year I've lost all three of my regular Thrillville venues (Parkway, Cerrito and Copia in Napa, all gone) and now that Motion Picture Heritage is n
o longer involved with efforts to revitalize the Parkway, I may never get my East Bay base back again (though I am in talks with Rialto about future shows at Cerrito, stay tuned.) For now it looks like "Road Thrill" will be the new phase of Thrillville, a roving cult movie cabaret. There's plenty of work out there to keep my busy.

In September, the programs for the already scheduled THRILLVILLE BEACH PARTY have been changed, but it's for the better: I'm showcasing two of the most popular Mexican lucha monster mash-ups of all time, Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters and Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy. I'm still hosting the same program at the same venues on the same dates as before: September 10 at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco (with live surf music by Pollo del Mar) and September 17 at the Camera 3 in San Jose (with surf music by Aardvark and a live fashion show by the Rockabilly Models.)

In October, "Thrillville's Gorefest" has morphed into THRILLVILLE'S HALLOWEEN GORE 'N' SNOREFEST, featuring two exploitation masterpieces courtesy of RetroMedia Entertainment: Fred Olen Ray's notorious grindhouse slasher satire Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers with Larry Buchanan's literally incredible remake of Roger Corman's It Conquered the World, the cult favorite Zontar, the Thing From Venus (1966). Monica will be providing the snore part, as usual.This double thrill bill happens October 22 at the Camera 3 (with special musical guests Aardvark and Actual Rafiq) and again on October 29 at the Balboa (with special musical guests, the Deadlies and live tassle-twirling by Lady Monster.) All four of these shows start at 7:30, $12.
Monica and I are also hosting non-movie events. We just had the honor of presenting the famous Red Hots Burlesque show (who are also appearing at THRILLVILLE'S SATANIC SCI-FI SCHLOCK-O-RAMA August 20 at the 4 Star) at the popular El Rio in San Francisco, and next we'll be hosting the Zombie Prom at the Cat Club in San Francisco on September 11. Additionally, we're slated to appear on the local horror host midnight TV show CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME August 15 (which will air in September). The Thrill may be on the move, but I'm here to stay. Cheers!

Monica with Lady Monster at the El Rio
Hosting Red Hots at El Rio: Surf's up, bra!