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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Devil Dolls and Space Sirens at the 4 Star Theater

I was planning on taking August off from "Road Thrill" since it's a tough time of year to get a crowd, and I was proven right by the intimate but appreciate audience for THRILLVILLE'S SATANIC SCI-FI SCHLOCK-O-RAMA (8/20) featuring rare 35mm prints of Missile to the Moon (1958) and The Devil's Hand (1962) at the 4 Star Theater in San Francisco. Even though not many people showed up, it was a blast - thanks mostly to the stunningly sensual half-time show by Red Hots Burlesque.

The print of Missile to the Moon was a mess - it broke like six times (grindhouse style) and was pretty water damaged and warped, though parts of it were oddly pristine. The Devil's Hand, on the other hand, provided by Jim, the 4 Star projectionist, was very clean and beautiful. Neither movie is very well known, but those are the kinds I most like to show, since nobody else will. Sadly, the obscurity of a title often dictates the turnout. Still, it was a lot of fun and the sizzling half-time show was (inter)stellar, thanks to Dottie and the gals:

Dottie Lux:

The Flying Fox:
Miss Honeypenny:

My next few shows, in September and October, THRILLVILLE'S LUCHA BEACH PARTY and THRILLVILLE'S GORE 'N' SNORE FEST, are at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco and the Camera 3 Cinema in San Jose. My next gig at the 4 Star is on Thursday, December 3: THRILLVILLE'S FESTIVE FRIGHT FEST featuring a 35mm print of Bob Clark's seminal, seasonal slasher BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974). It also plays Thursday December 10 at the Camera 3. I'm just grateful to be offered venues for this stuff. Hope you Thrill Seekers continue to show up, and drag some friends, too. Cheers!Thrill Seekers Larry, Jenny and Chad make the scene