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Saturday, July 25, 2009

SHATFEST '09: Where No Lounge Lizard Has Gone Before

My first SHATFEST - Thrillville's ever popular annual tribute to that unique thespian, William Shatner - made a spectacular splash for its first post-Speakeasy/San Francisco gig, at Frank Lee's 4 Star Theater in the Richmond District on July 23. It was a thrilling debut....

Since this was my first "above ground" show in the West Bay (not counting my "underground" gigs at the sadly defunct Werepad years ago), I booked a "double shot of Shat" from my pal Scott at the Vortex Room (the present home for the Werepad archives): the ultimate Shat-flick, the swingin' psycho killer camp classic IMPULSE (1974) with creepy-crawly cult favorite KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS (1977).
The Twilight Vixen Revue kicks up their heels

For the live part of the show I called on popular Thrillville burlesque regulars The Twilight Vixen Revue and my pals, Kitty and Lene, "the Shatner Butt Girls." It was very gratifying to see so many familiar faces make the "trek," too. I purposely chose Shatfest for my first full-fledged San Francisco Thrillville show since its one of my most popular events. It didn't draw quite as well as my Parkway/Cerrito shows (which always sold out) but all things considered, a terrific turnout and the show itself went off splendidly, and we got some good press, too. I look forward to more shows at the 4 Star, stay tuned. I'm beat and I need a drink! Cheers, Will the ThrillLene (left) and Kitty (right), "the Shatner Butt Girls" kick some ass