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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


UPDATE: With (left to right) director Cody Jarrett, actress Geneviere Anderson, projectionist Richard Masuko, actress April Custodio and producer Joey Stafura, premiere of Sugar Boxx, Camera 3, San Jose 7/9/09 - the audience loved it!
The "Road Thrill set" - low budget but mobile
Thrillville's San Jose debut, 6/18/09
John Stanley and Mr. Lobo pay tribute to the late Bob Wilkins and Bob Shaw, 6/18
San Jose surf band Aardvark rocks the Camera 3, 6/18

Thrillville's on the road again. After making a successful splash with my "Tribute to Creature Features" on June 18, I'm back at the Camera 3 Cinema with "Thrillville's New Retro Grindhouse Double Thrill-bill" on July 9. Then I bring my annual "Shatfest: Tribute to William Shatner" to San Francisco on July 23 for a "double shot of Shat" at Frank Lee's 4 Star Theater, featuring the ever popular Impulse (1974) plus Kingdom of the Spiders (1977). It hurts that I lost my home base at the Cerrito, which reopens July 15 under the Rialto banner. But I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Cheers!